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Client Testimonials

They are a joy to work with

Like many companies, we needed a top-notch law firm that could provide sound advice on a regular basis. But, because of the nature of our business, we also need extremely fast turnaround times on issues that can have huge potential impacts on our business. This is why we work with Schklar & Heim. They are a joy to work with, and they are winners.

Vince Frese Chief Executive Officer Tridia Corporation

The firm is a perfect example of great results and excellent service

I’ve worked with Edwin Schklar’s law firm for several years on a number of very complex legal issues. Our results have been outstanding. But, almost equally as important is his team’s responsiveness to my questions and requests throughout the process. The firm is a perfect example of great results and excellent service… a rare combination in today’s business world.

Craig L. Hillyard General Manager Crowne Plaza Ravinia

They take the toughest matters from start to finish

The ability to work with the same top-quality attorney from the start of a legal matter to the end is a real benefit to our company. We don’t have the time or money to spend bringing another attorney “up to speed” when our case goes to the next phase, like we experience from big firms. That’s the advantage of our relationship with Schklar & Heim. They take the toughest matters from start to finish, and they are winners!

Allen Conger, Sr. President American Blanching Company

Flexible and reasonable fee structures

For a number of years, we thought that the only way to receive top-tier legal representation was to hire a large firm. Having worked with Edwin Schklar and Maggie Heim, we now know that we can get even better representation, better responsiveness, and great resources from a much smaller firm. We also enjoy more flexible and reasonable fee structures, something that is highly valued by our Management Team.

Matt Pridemore Vice President Cornerstone Support, Inc.

They are organized and very responsive

It is well known throughout our organization that, when we need the very best litigators for a complex matter, call Schklar & Heim. They are meticulous. They are organized and very responsive. Their fees are reasonable. They are winners.

Walter A. Smith President Site-Pro, Inc.

Their service is unmatched...

Few law firms deliver the value we receive from Schklar & Heim. Not only are they top attorneys, but their fees are fair, and their service is unmatched in the legal industry.

David Panton Former Vice President Mellon Ventures, Inc.

The above testimonials are opinions of past or present clients. Our prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome in other cases. Each case depends upon the facts of that case and the applicable law in effect at that time.

Attorney Testimonials

The following quoted testimonials were anonymously provided by Georgia attorneys in their ratings of Edwin Schklar and Maggie Heim.

Edwin Schklar

I have learned a great deal working with Edwin

Edwin is the best litigator/trial lawyer I have encountered in my career. I have learned a great deal working with Edwin. He is extremely meticulous and well prepared. He is very persuasive in the courtroom and does an excellent job laying the groundwork for trial, even before the action is filed.

Georgia Attorney

Edwin is the best litigator I have ever met

Edwin is the best litigator I have ever met. He is tough as nails, effective, creative, and efficient. He can handle any large, complex litigation.

Georgia Attorney

Maggie Heim

The best legal writer I’ve ever seen

The best legal writer I’ve ever seen. Consistently far better than Super Lawyers who have 30 to 40 years of experience.

Georgia Attorney

Extremely organized and prepared

Extremely organized and prepared. Most skillful young litigator in Georgia. She is a winner.

Georgia Attorney

She is super. Incredible. As good as it gets.

See my comments in my nomination of her for a SuperLawyer. She is super. Incredible. As good as it gets. She regularly beats up on some of Atlanta’s most senior and top-rated litigators.

Georgia Attorney