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Atlanta Business Litigation Attorneys

We represent shareholders, officers, directors, investors, creditors, corporations, and other business entities in contract disputes, Uniform Commercial Code matters, breach of fiduciary duty claims, shareholder and corporate governance disputes, business torts, commercial collections, secured lending claims, shareholder derivative actions, disputes arising from business dissolutions and reorganizations, disputes regarding business sales and mergers, and other business disputes.

Commercial Contract Disputes and Business Tort Claims

We help our clients resolve a variety of contract disputes that arise during the course of business, such as disputes regarding the validity of contracts, breach of contract, breach of warranty, and the meaning and interpretation of contractual provisions. The types of contracts and transactions from which disputes arise vary greatly and can include contracts requiring the delivery of goods or the performance of services, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, LLC agreements, joint venture agreements, employment agreements, venture capital financing, private equity investment, rights of first refusal, loans, lease agreements, sales or mergers of businesses, and other types of contracts.

We assist our clients with respect to business tort claims, such as fraud, tortious interference with contract or with business relations, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, conversion of property, and unfair competition.

Additionally, our business clients oftentimes have issues that benefit from our counseling regarding other areas in which we are knowledgeable, such as securities litigation, legal malpractice, construction disputes, intellectual property disputes, and real property disputes.

Resolution of Business Disputes

We thoroughly assess our clients’ goals, the facts, and the relevant legal authority in every matter to fashion an appropriate remedy for our clients, which may include the recovery of money damages, the recovery of real or personal property, an injunction, specific performance, rescission of a contract, a declaratory judgment as to the meaning or interpretation of a contractual provision, a business accounting, the appointment of a receiver to manage a business, or a successful defense against unwarranted claims. We effectively and efficiently use our litigation experience to achieve favorable results for our clients, whether by settlement, trial, or pre-trial dismissal or judgment. Once lawsuits and other disputes are resolved, we continue to help our clients as needed with enforcement of their settlement agreements and collection of their judgments, including the pursuit of assets that have been fraudulently conveyed.

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