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Legal Malpractice Attorneys

We represent parties in legal malpractice actions. Our experience includes legal malpractice claims against attorneys and law firms who committed errors in their advice to or representation of their clients, such as errors in litigation, business transactions, or the drafting of other legal documents. Our experience also includes other types of wrongdoing by attorneys and law firms, such as the representation of clients while under a conflict of interest, the intentional cover up of harmful errors by attorneys to avoid liability to clients, the embezzlement of money belonging to clients, fraud, and other forms of intentional wrongdoing by attorneys and law firms. We are highly knowledgeable regarding the standard of care and fiduciary duties owed by attorneys to their clients, when the attorney/client relationship begins and ends, duties owed by attorneys to their former clients, and potential duties owed by attorneys to those who are not their clients.

We advise clients on how to best mitigate damages caused by their former attorneys, and we represent clients in business negotiations and litigation that may become necessary to fix the errors caused by malpractice.

Additionally, we represent parties with respect to the collection of unpaid attorney fees and allegations of unreasonable attorney fees.

Information on Attorney Negligence Claims

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