Wrongful Taking of Assets from Those Who Are Most Vulnerable

A person is especially susceptible to the wrongful taking of his assets by another person when he is sick, elderly, or in an otherwise weakened state.  Family members, supposed friends, and caretakers might take advantage of a person while he is vulnerable or in a state of diminished capacity.  Such actions occasionally stem from long-held jealousies or perceived grievances among… (READ MORE)

Invalidating a Will Because of a Lack of Testamentary Capacity

A testator (i.e., someone who executes a will) must have a certain level of mental ability at the time he executes a last will and testament. The level of mental ability required of a testator to make a valid will is called testamentary capacity. In order to have the testamentary capacity to make a will, a testator must have a… (READ MORE)

Invalidating a Will Because of Undue Influence

Unfortunately, the relationship between family members and a loved one who is nearing death is sometimes damaged by the influence of another person. Once a loved one has died, it may be discovered that his or her last will and testament greatly benefits the person who exerted influence and control over the deceased prior to death. Can such a will… (READ MORE)